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KEONICS Training Centers (KTC) is a platform for sharing the information about its services enabling people IT savvy. KEONICS has set up training centers (Franchises) across the state through entrepreneurs. Each of these centers offer variety of training courses that are 1) useful to get along with day to day requirements in work places and 2) designed to enable the candidate to take up either professional services or secure employment in the respective domains.

These training centers are monitored and regulated by ITES Division at KEONICS headquarters and thus each centers’ strength in terms of IT infrastructure, human resources and related credentials are being compiled in this portal.

KTC provides different facilities for Public, Entrepreneurs and ITES Division at KEONICS as follows:

 For Public

KTC provides geographical location of all the training centers in the state so that public can identify any Center and understand the courses offered therein and their convenience for selecting a particular center

For Franchise Owners (entrepreneurs)

Each center is provided with a secured login and facility to update the details of the center. Further it provides facility for updating the training courses conducted, being conducted and annual plan along with relevant details. It has special option to update details of each trainee, the fees paid by trainee, examination and attendance etc. Each center has direct e-mail correspondence with KEONICS headquarters so that information flow is spontaneous.

For ITES Division at KEONICS

Based on the administrative hierarchy at ITES Division, logins are created to administer the centers’ performance and regular monitoring. The data provided by each center is available for decision making and release of training certificate to candidates to respective center for further distribution. The geographic location of each candidate trained at each center provides KEONICS with a facility to accurately estimate the efforts made towards training along with statistics.
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